Hot shot athletes and the sexy suits who can’t resist them. Winner Takes All is a series of MM forbidden sports romances set in the USA Today Bestselling Men of Summer world. Each red-hot standalone romance is intense, emotional, and utterly off-limits!


(Winner Takes All Book 1)

The first rule of being an attorney is don’t sleep with your clients.

The second rule is–see the first rule.

Those guidelines don’t account for a man like Zane Archer though. The major leaguer is all confidence and big D energy as he swaggers into my life one night at a hotel bar, determined to spend the night with “the sexy suit,” as he calls me.

I’m so damn tempted to say yes, especially when my new client devastates me with a scorching kiss that has me reconsidering all my life choices.

The catch? If I tear up the rule book, my reputation as a lawyer to the most bankable stars in pro sports is on the line. Including my new goal of striking the deal of a lifetime for him — one he desperately needs to take care of his family.

Instead, I fight like hell to stay professional as I work closely with the man I can’t have.

But the more time we spend together, the more his irresistible charm threatens to break my resolve . . . right along with my heart.

TURN ME ON is a red-hot, MM, forbidden sports romance between a sports agent and an athlete…


(Winner Takes All Book 2)

It’s a fine line between lust and obsession…

Lately, I’ve been full of questions. Then one hot summer night I find all the answers when I kiss another guy for the first time. But all too soon, he disappears, leaving me wondering who my mystery man was.

Then I can’t stop thinking about him. Even on the ball field, I’m daydreaming about his hungry hands, and the filthy things he whispered in his posh British accent.

Somehow I still win one of the biggest games of my career, and afterward the man surprises me with an invitation: “Meet me in a private suite.”

When I RSVP, he makes me an offer – one chance to try all the things I’ve never experienced. Then we’ll walk away.

But once will never be enough. Soon I’m locked into an intense lessons-in-seduction game with the secretive billionaire who keeps love at a distance, all while he pushes the boundaries of my brand new desires.

And soon I learn that all my desires come with a terrible cost, as he breaks down the walls around my heart.

A Very Filthy Game is a lessons-in-seduction, first times, forbidden MM romance between a billionaire and an athlete…


(Winner Takes All Book 3)

A sexy, emotional, sworn-enemies-to-lovers, forbidden romance!

The first time I met Finn Michaels after a game, I wanted to take the sexy suit home and explore his body all night long.

Instead, he took out his pen and nearly destroyed my career with his scathing words.

I proved the Park Avenue blue blood wrong as I climbed out of the minor leagues. Now I’m batting third for the World Series winner, when the smart-mouthed Brit has the gall to ask for my help.

One night over a drink, he makes his pitch – he’s this close to exposing a scandal that’s hurting my teammates. If I can share a few secrets, he can nail the story.

Ah hell. I can’t stand the sexy jerk, but we want the same thing. Including each other, since he keeps looking at me like he wants me to manhandle him.

Sleeping with the enemy is a bad idea, but it feels so damn good.

Soon, we’re too tangled up together and if a single soul finds out I’m helping the most feared investigative journalist in all of sports, I could lose everything.