Winner Takes All

Winner Takes All is a series of emotional, irresistibly sexy MM standalone sports romances. Each book follows a new couple and can be read as a standalone. In every story you’ll find forbidden romance, heated nights, dangerous chances, and men with complicated pasts. Some of the heroes play football. Some play baseball. Some did! Enjoy!


(Winner Takes All Book 1)

Some men are just off-limits. Like, say, all the other football players in the league….

I have to stop replaying the one night I spent with my rival. Trouble is, that white-hot encounter with the other quarterback answered a lot of questions I’ve had about myself, but it also led me into this mess where he hates me.

I never showed up for our second date. Since, well, life happened, and the worst part is he’ll never know how much that night meant to me.

But when I’m traded to his cross-town rivals, that’s not the time to serve up my secrets to him either. My team’s PR department wants to double down on our rivalry. I need to focus on football, not on my interest in men. Except, the more time I spend doing media appearances and charity events with the sexy, generous, popular guy, the hungrier I am to finish what we started.

It’s a bad idea to knock on his door late one night. I could lose everything. He’s probably not even home.

But when the door swings open and I’m face to face with the man I want desperately, I have a choice to make.

A standalone, enemies-to-rivals-to-lovers, second chance sports romance full of secrets, first times and forbidden love…


(Winner Takes All Book 2)

The first rule of being an attorney is don’t sleep with your clients.

The second rule is–see the first rule.

Those guidelines don’t account for a man like Zane Archer though. The major leaguer is all confidence and big D energy as he swaggers into my life one night at a hotel bar, determined to spend the night with “the sexy suit,” as he calls me.

I’m so damn tempted to say yes, especially when my new client devastates me with a scorching kiss that has me reconsidering all my life choices.

The catch? If I tear up the rule book, my reputation as a lawyer to the most bankable stars in pro sports is on the line. Including my new goal of striking the deal of a lifetime for him — one he desperately needs to take care of his family.

Instead, I fight like hell to stay professional as I work closely with the man I can’t have.

But the more time we spend together, the more his irresistible charm threatens to break my resolve . . . right along with my heart.

TURN ME ON is a red-hot, MM, forbidden sports romance between a sports agent and an athlete…


(Winner Takes All Book 3)

One night with no strings was supposed to be the plan.

After barely escaping my last train wreck of a romance, I’ve got a new dating goal—play it cool.

I stick to that strategy when I bump into a charming Brit I met once before. He’s newly out and eager for all the things he’s never done, so I make the helpful suggestion we jet off to the city of sin for the night, then say goodbye.

But instead, thanks to a bet and some bourbon, we’re saying I do.

And in the morning I’m asking myself what the hell have I done? But we’ll just undo the holy matrimony right this stinking second.

Except, the pics of our nuptials are splashed all over the Internet–the pro football player eloped!

Great, just great.

Now, my agent says we need to stay Mister and Mister until the brouhaha blows over.

Thirty days as fake husbands with the sexy, irresistible guy who’s determined to prove that he’s nothing like my ex?

My bruised heart can handle that as long as I don’t fall for my husband.

And I won’t. When we split for real, he’ll be an ocean away.

Contents include: A sarcastic, romance-phobic American football player, a charming and dirty-minded young British businessman, white-hot first times, dangerous decisions, and a sexy, witty, emotional fake marriage, first times MM standalone sports romance!


(Winner Takes All Book 4)

It’s not true that movie stars can have whoever they want. I have the worst crush on the guy who grew up next door to me. But, he’s off limits in every way. For starters, I just hired him…

On top of that, he has no idea that I’m wildly attracted to him AND that I have zero experience with men. Instead, I’m drooling over the sexy contractor as he fixes my home, all while I try to juggle my life as a single dad.

Oh, did I mention I just figured out I liked guys at the age of twenty-nine?

I can only imagine how well that nugget will go over. By the way, Mister Hottie with a Toolbelt, I’ve never even kissed a guy. Want to show me how it’s done?

I’ll stick to my fantasies for now, thanks.

Only, they’re quickly becoming more real when he starts staying in my guesthouse most nights. Chatting with me out by my pool. Then, having dinner and drinks with me when my kids aren’t here. Quickly, too quickly, I discover he’s easy to talk to, caring and the best listener.

And I wonder if my life could be a film. The kind where my character’s daring enough to say –  would you be my first?  

Since I’ve got a long list of things I’ve been wanting to try…

Contents include: forbidden nights, first times, men in tool belts, million-dollar smiles, midnight skinny dipping, forced proximity and all the heat and heart you could want between two sexy men!

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