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Mine and Theirs

A Well And Truly Pucked bonus epilogue


This is the way to travel.

With my favorite suitcases and my favorite guys.

In the huge bedroom we all share, I zip up the pink suitcase they got me a year ago, draw a deep, satisfied breath, then turn to my companion. “Do you have your travel bag?”

Donut tilts her head and wags her tail. I scratch her chin. “Of course you do because I packed it for you for the doggie daycare.”

She travels light though, just some kibble and a couple stuffed distraction armadillos. I grab her doggie bag, and we head down the hall to check on the guys. “Are you all ready?”

They’re in the kitchen, arguing over who makes better coffee.

“Dude, it’s all in the grind,” Hollis insists.

“And I know how to grind,” Gavin retorts.

“Tea’s better anyway,” Rhys says to me from across the counter as I walk in. “Right, love?”

“Don’t make me choose. I love them all,” I say, then I join him and take a sip of his Earl Grey. He gives me a kiss on the cheek.

We live together now. We all moved into Hollis’s home on Jackson Street in Pacific Heights. It has a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and a lush backyard that Donut likes to scamper in. Bonus? So many of their teammates and my best friends live nearby.

I clear my throat. “Are you boys going to fight over coffee or give me a morning kiss so we can get on our way?”

“Sorry, baby,” Hollis says, then slides in for a kiss.

When he breaks it, Gavin comes in next, nipping on my lower lip. “Morning, sweetheart.”

Once we finish our cups, we pile into Hollis’s car and head to Throw Me a Bone, where Donut will share a special dog friends suite with Trina’s pup, and Ivy’s and Aubrey’s dogs too. Nothing but the best for our furry friends. Frances Furbottom is staying at our place with the cat sitter who adores her.

After I check her in, my guys and I head to the airport, then settle into the lush seats in first class. In the air, the four of us lift our mimosas and toast as we fly to Las Vegas for a hockey game.

But not just any game.

It’s the All-Star game and this year, one of my Foxes was chosen, but we’re all going.


* * *


The game is tied, the tension is thick, and I am on edge. It’s only the All-Star game, but still. I want them to win so badly.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!” I shout, and Aubrey nudges me. She’s in the seat right behind me, next to Ledger.

“Look at you go,” she says to me as Hollis flies down the ice, chasing the puck.

“What? You’ve never heard me root for my guy before?” I tease.

“Mostly under your breath,” she says, then a few minutes later, she jumps to her feet shouting, “That’s how we do it” when Dev saves a goal.

“Keep that up,” I shout as Ledger harmonizes with a raucous, “Yes! Hell yes.”

I peer back at Ledger and Aubrey, smiling. “It’s fun to cheer. I’ve done a good job staying quiet at regular season games, so I don’t draw attention as a Sea Dogs part-time employee, rooting for the rivals.”

But here I am free to show my support. And to sit with some of them, since Aubrey and Ledger aren’t my only companions. Rhys and Gavin are right here too, one on each side of me, cheering on their teammate as well.

I cheer the loudest though.

The longest and the highest.

It feels a little like a metaphor for what they do to me at night.

And they win.


* * *


After a few days of fun in Vegas, we return to San Francisco, but as we hop into the car at the airfield, Hollis doesn’t head south to the city. He turns the electric car north.

Less than an hour later, we’re in Lucky Falls where the guys have rented a hot-air balloon at Hot Rides.

“I think you’re addicted now that you all have become hot-air balloon pilots,” I say.

“Well, it’s kind of our thing,” Gavin points out.

“It’s one of our things,” Hollis says, since there’s so much we like to do together. Game nights, picnics, hot-air balloon rides, and amusement parks—no Tilt-A-Whirls though. After the ground crew helps us prep, the four of us climb over and step into the basket, then…we drift higher and higher, the earth growing smaller.

The guys take turns piloting the balloon and up here, high above the town, a sense of peace washes over me. Like how I feel with them.

“It’s been quite a year, guys. I’m seriously proud of all of you,” I say, but then I realize they aren’t standing by me.


“Turn around, Briar,” Rhys instructs.

I spin around, and my breath halts.

On the other side of the balloon, a skywriter is drawing onto the blue canvas.

I tremble at the first word.


I’m pretty sure I know what’s coming next, but still, my heart gallops as the skywriter writes…us.

My three boyfriends drop down on their knees, flip open a blue velvet box, and show me a gorgeous diamond, surrounded by a four-leaf clover. Together, they say, “Will you marry us?”

There is only one answer—a loud, heartfelt yes, screamed across the sky.


* * *


Our wedding is not traditional. It’s not truly legal. But we don’t need an official marriage license to affirm what the four of us know. They’re mine and I’m theirs.

One fine summer day in my dad’s backyard, I walk down the makeshift aisle as three grooms wait for me.

I’m wearing a simple white sheath dress and they’re in slacks and button-down shirts. My brother, who was ordained online, performs the ceremony.

Before a small, standing crowd of friends and family, I say I do, then my dog trots down the aisle with three rings on her collar.

I take them from Donut, then slide one on Rhys’s finger, one on Gavin’s, and one on Hollis’s.

From inside my dad’s home, Frances Furbottom watches it all, completely serene.

We are all home.


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