(How To Date Your Fake Husband Book 3)

Fake engagement. Real marriage. Both have an expiration date in this spicy marriage of convenience romantic comedy standalone…

“Marry me.”

They were the last words I expected to say to my fake fiancé, but I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t back down from a challenge.

Pretend I’m engaged to my gorgeous and talented business partner to secure a business deal?

No problem.

Agree to a no-touch rule even though she’s been driving me wild since I met her?

Challenge accepted.

Resist grinning like a damn fool every time that same big-hearted, sunshine-y woman laughs with my little daughter?


So, yeah, when my fake fiancé’s vindictive business rival threatens to expose our make-believe romance, I can handle that too.

I’ll prove our engagement isn’t fake – by marrying her for real.

A marriage with an expiration date at the end of the year.

But that’s when I run smack dab into the biggest challenge ever – not falling madly in love with my wife.

Content Warnings


(My Hockey Romance Book 4)


A good girl, some sweet revenge, and the three hockey stars who rise to her romance challenge!

The post breakup plan was simple – escape from my cheating ex to a vacation rental a friend scored me, and stay far away from men.

But thanks to a booking snafu I’m accidentally sharing it with three hot hockey players for a week. One’s flirty, one’s broody, one’s a cheeky Brit, and they’re all the most attentive men I’ve ever met.

After a couple of glasses of champagne, I’m telling them about the contest my ex is running on his dating advice web site. The topic? What makes a great boyfriend, and I want to submit a column.

Now all three hockey studs offer to show me every single thing I’ve been missing in and out of bed.

It’s only for the revenge, of course. I work for the other hockey team in the city so it’d be a big mistake to truly get involved with a rival, let alone three.

Even though I melt under their touch. They show me what it means to be worshiped and adored, cherished and cared for. And romanced.

But what started as revenge fast turns into friendship, then into me giving my heart to three men I can’t have. Looks like I’m well and truly pucked.