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Thoroughly Pucked Bonus Epilogue!

I’m excited to share this bonus scene with you.

A Thoroughly Pucked Bonus Epilogue

By Lauren Blakely


One year later…


Some girls might dream about their wedding day, but lately I’ve only dreamed of this—Hello, Gorgeous, my very own salon, has just celebrated its first year in business. And business is good, especially with my shop dog, who’s perfectly well-behaved. He spends most days snoozing in a dog bed here, or over at Welcome to the Jungle.

I slip Puck Fitzgibbons’ lead over my wrist then close the salon’s glass doors and lock them behind me, gazing over the empty chairs that I know will fill with a rotating cast over the next few weeks. There’ll be clients whose birthdays I know, whose stories I share, and some I don’t—and that’s okay too. I’ve rented out a booth to a fabulous hairdresser named Maya, and she’s been not only great for business but friendship too.

Trina ducks out of Once Upon A Good Time and comes up beside me, gestures to the salon, and whispers in my ear, “I’ll look after your baby while you’re gone.” She takes Puck’s lead from my wrist. “Both babies. Nacho is looking forward to our doggy houseguest.”

“I’m going to miss my little man so much.” I kneel and scratch my goodest boy under the chin, and he jumps up, resting his paws on my shoulders, returning the hug. I giggle as he almost bowls me over. “Not so little anymore.”

“That’s what she said.” Trina laughs. “And I don’t think missing your dog is what’ll be keeping you up all night.”

“You’re not wrong,” I agree, then say one last goodbye to my friend and my dog before I pick up one man from Welcome to the Jungle, the wildly popular plant store a few doors down, and another from the gym, where he’s been working out with the rest of his team.

It’s time to keep doing what we do best. Travel together. Last summer we finished what we started a year ago, when our trip got rudely cut short in Vancouver. We returned to the Canadian city, went dress shopping, and then dined at a fabulous restaurant.

Now, with this hockey season over, we’re going back on vacation and I can’t wait.




The next night, I walk into the penthouse suite at the Luxe Hotel overlooking the azure blue Costa Rica ocean. It’s beachfront luxury at its finest—but the where isn’t important to me. It’s who I’m with that counts.

Dev links his fingers with mine as his gaze goes straight to the balcony with the stars sparkling above it. His eyes meet mine, and they flicker with dirty deeds. Looks like alfresco fucking might be back on the menu tonight.

“What’s this?” Ledger drops his bag and strides across the plush carpet, heading straight to the coffee table where a bottle of champagne sits in an ice bucket. I can’t wait to see their reaction to the gift I planned for my guys. He picks up the card from next to the Cristal and reads aloud. “Surprise! Just a little gift from the woman you love.”

“You didn’t have to do that,” Dev says as he spins me round. My purse falls to the floor. “But I’m glad you did.”

“You do know how much we like champagne.” Ledger advances across the room, predatory, a tiger stalking his prey. Devour me.

“Especially when it’s served here.” Dev roughs his thumb over my lower lip, and I shiver. “Or here.” He trails it down my neck in between the valley of my breasts, then across the swell of them. My nipples pebble under his touch.

“Or here.” Ledger’s fingers trail up my thigh, over the lace of my thigh-high stockings. I pulse under his touch, wanting, needing this as much as they do.

Ledger steps closer until there’s a whisper of space between his body and mine. Dev’s just as close. My two men are crowding me, caging me in. Heat flushes my chest, and I shiver as I look into eyes of mercurial blue and then bright green.

Trina was right—it won’t be missing Puck that keeps me up late tonight.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Sunlight dances through the forest canopy, splashing golden light across the path. Birds sing to each other and somewhere in the distance, water splashes, a sweet symphony as we hike through the Costa Rican rainforest. Dev strides in front, the broad sweep of his shoulders flexing as he navigates the narrow path, and Ledger walks behind me, his body close as we curve around a tree that’s blocking the path.

The hike was my activity of choice this afternoon. We’ve already done glass blowing this morning—Dev’s choice—and tonight we’ll camp under the stars as Ledger requested. We do things as a team, and we take turns.

We’re really good at taking turns.

I gesture up ahead. “The waterfall should be just a few minutes away.”

“That’s what you said a few minutes ago,” Ledger grumbles.

“Getting tired, old man?” Dev asks. “Must be all that hockey you’re not playing.”

“Don’t question my stamina,” Ledger says.

“No one’s questioning that,” I reply, a reel of sexy images from the night before flashing before my eyes. “Trust me.”

The babble of water sounds louder and we turn the corner to the most beautiful waterfall, a ribbon of blue splashing down into an aquamarine pool below.

“It’s gorgeous.” I step ahead, past Dev, and stop at the water’s edge. Here in the picturesque rainforest with the two men I love—life doesn’t get more perfect than this. I spin around, ready to tell them as much when I stop because they’re both down on one knee.

“Aubrey,” Dev begins as my heart surges, and tears prick my eyes.

Dev continues. “You’re the best woman I know. I love the way you hear me, the way you know what I’m thinking before even I do. I love you more than anything. More than hockey—”

Ledger makes a choking sound. “Real romantic.”

“But true,” Dev says, then jerks his thumb at Ledger.

“You make my life complete. I love you and I need you,” Ledger says. “And what Dev’s trying to say is…will you marry us?”

I don’t have to think twice. I rush over and throw myself at the two men I love, wrapping my arms around Dev’s neck and placing a long, hot kiss on his lips before turning to do the same with Ledger.

In the past, I said yes to a man because I’d thought that was what I should do. What my family wanted.

When I say yes this time, I’m doing it all for me.




A little later


I adjust my dress in the mirror. Once upon a time, I wore a white dress and it felt too tight, too constricting, too wrong.

This time, the dress fits just right.

Trina and Ivy stand beside me in chic black gowns, looking as stunning as I knew they would.

“You look gorgeous,” Trina says as she smiles at me. “The most beautiful bride.”

“Thank you,” I reply. “And you two are absolute goddesses.”

There’s a knock at the door of the hotel room where we’re getting ready.

“Come in,” I call, but I’m not nervous at all. The two men I love wouldn’t back out of the wedding last minute. They wouldn’t be leaving me to go on a sex binge.

They’re my forever, and I’m theirs.

Mom walks in, my sister close behind her, carrying the family veil. Tears well in my eyes as Mom places it over my head.

“These are the right men for you,” Mom whispers as she pulls me in for a final embrace.

As I walk down the aisle to Dev and Ledger, my heart swells. I never dreamed life could be as good as this.

And when the officiant asks my men if they promise to love and to cherish, to have and to hold me for as long as they live, and my men slip a diamond band on my ring finger, they show me the newly acquired tattoos inked on theirs.

Two simple words: all in.


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