A daring, edgy, sexy forbidden MF romance series, The Virgin Society chronicles bold, complicated young women in New York City falling for older, off-limits men.

This MF, age-gap series is brimming with passion, family secrets, and forbidden love. Indulge in Fifth Avenue fetes, secret trysts, art, glamor, seduction and wildly hot office romance that absolutely, positively should not happen. Except, it does…


(The Virgin Society Book 1)

A new, forbidden, standalone office romance from #1 NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely!

Our days are full of secrets. Our nights are for seduction…

For the last year, I’ve wanted someone I can’t have.

The man my father built his latest multimillion dollar business with.

He’s a decade older than I am, and he’s entirely forbidden.

The fact that he’s never given me a second glance only makes me long for him more.

But the other night, across the room at a gala, everything changed. His broody gaze lingered on me and grew darker.

So I’m officially done being the good girl.

Tomorrow I turn 21. As a gift to myself, I plan to seduce my father’s business partner.

Happy birthday to me.

Content Warnings


(The Virgin Society Book 2)

Some men are just off-limits. Like your ex-boyfriend’s father.

But when I met the sexy, powerful older man shortly after my business school graduation, he was simply the seductive stranger I wanted to notice me, and he sure did.

Fast forward a few months later, when my college ex – now a good friend – introduces me to the person he looks up to most…his father.

The man I spent that one hot night with.

I should stay far away from the commanding business mogul. But my ex and I are planning a charity fundraiser that involves late nights at his dad’s penthouse in Manhattan.

Nights where he can’t stop looking at me with desire in his eyes that matches my own.

I try to resist him, playing the good girl in the city…mostly.

He’s the perfect gentleman…until he comes knocking on my door and tells me exactly what he wants to do to me.

And I say yes.

Stealing nights with him like this is supposed to be wrong, but it feels so right. And when he saves the day to protect his son at the fundraiser, my heart wants him as much as my body does.

Can we ever be more than just a tryst?


(The Virgin Society Book 3)

Every rule-following girl knows some men are just off limits. Like, say, your dad’s best friend.

I’m a rules girl, so I haven’t even dared to fantasize about the enigmatic, gorgeous man I’ve known for years.

The man has taken trips with my family. He attended my brother’s wedding with his wife.

Then she leaves him, and I desperately want to say she never deserved you.

When I receive an invitation one night to an exclusive, private club and find him there looking at me with sin in his dark eyes, I have a chance to tell him that.

And break all my good girl rules…


(The Virgin Society Book 4)

The first time I met Rhys Beckett, he was half naked, walking out of my best friend’s bedroom, looking as satisfied as he does when playing an electric guitar.

I tried not to lust after the musician who’s ten years my senior and a whole lot more experienced in every way.

When my buddy impulsively marries Rhys a few weeks later, I shut down my feelings so fast. I’ve got my band to focus on and I’m the front man.

But fate decides to screw with me when my best friend’s husband becomes…my new guitarist.

Now, we’re sharing the stage every night – including the night my buddy leaves Rhys.

And soon, when we’re performing, the newly single Rhys starts looking at me with dark, dirty deeds in his eyes.

I shouldn’t like it so much when he flirts with me on stage. And I absolutely shouldn’t say yes when he asks me to come to his hotel room one night after a wild show.

But I do…