The Girlfriend Playbook

The Girlfriend Playbook

Sexy, charming football players and the feisty and fantastic women they fall for! A new generation of Ballers & Babes are coming!


(The Girlfriend Playbook Book 1)

Look, I had a rough week at work. So I put on a bikini and escape to the beach, where I wind up rescuing the city’s hot new quarterback from a rogue paddleboard, and then he rescues me that night from a s-e-x drought.

Hello O-Town. Nice to see you!

The charmer with the magic hands wants another date too, and I say yes so fast.

But the thing is I’m the team lawyer for The Mercenaries. And the morning after the sexiest night of my life, I find out the guy I plan to see again was just traded to our team.

Dating the brand spanking new star quarterback?


Especially when my boss blindsides me with this twist – I’m in charge of managing his reputation.

I really shouldn’t invite him over late tonight then.

Truly, I shouldn’t…


(The Girlfriend Playbook Book 2)

There’s just something about bad boys. Tattoos and leather jackets, am I right?

Trouble is, my last boyfriend was a teensy bit too bad and now he’s in prison. Yikes.

Time to turn over a new leaf. When my friends challenge me to take a dip in the good guy side of the dating pool, I see their dating bet and I raise it, looking up the one who got away.

Gabe Clements is now the star receiver for a pro football team, with a winning grin and heart of gold.

Game for anything, he says yes to my one-date test.

But can this gal be charmed by a good guy?

Then I learn he’s a bad boy in the bedroom, especially when he issues me another dating challenge…


(The Girlfriend Playbook Book 3)

Ever hear the story about the gal who got dumped with this parting shot? “And, maybe you need some lessons in the bedroom.”

Yeah, those were my ex’s last words before he walked out the door. And sure, I wanted to shout at him: “You suck in bed too.”

But I’m a lady. I didn’t say that.

I do, however, share the whole sorry story over drinks to my best guy friend – the football star who’s been my bestie forever.

And he’s suddenly intensely curious about these bedroom lessons. He’s dying to know if I really am bad in bed. He’s so damn interested, he says, “I’d be willing to be your test subject.”

But he needs something from me too. A big favor. And if we strike this deal, it’ll change our lifelong friendship in the next twenty-four hours….

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