(The Gift Book 1)

Some fantasies are better left unsaid.

Besides, I don’t need to act on every naughty thought that flits through my imagination, not when my fiancé and I have the kind of life I’ve aways longed for — passionate, intimate and oh so real.

I can’t risk losing him, so I focus on building our life together as a couple, expanding my career, and prepping for our wedding. But the more insistent my after dark thoughts become, the closer I get to telling him what I want most in bed…

The question though is what will happen to our unbreakable bond when I do.


(The Gift Book 2)

I might still carry my V-card, but I know exactly what I want in a man. Smart, charming and oh-so-skilled. Too bad I haven’t found him yet.

But maybe he’s found me.

Because when my charming, laid-back, next-door neighbor discovers a secret list I keep, he volunteers to work through every single item on it.

Including the last one — at the end, we walk away and stay friends.

I say yes to his offer, and that’s when I discover another side to him.

A side I adore. A side I crave. He’s commanding, intense, and everything I’ve ever wanted.

But as we check things off one by one, I find myself breaking the most important rule of all. And I have no idea what it will do to my heart.


(The Gift Book 3)

The rules of the game were simple.

One weekend.

We play our roles. Actually, we play lots of roles.

I get the info I need for a secret work project.

We go back to how we were.

That’s what I proposed to handsome, clever, commanding Jake.

That’s what he said yes to—this decadent gift of a weekend that would get me out of debt.

But that’s not what happened when our nights together in Vegas ended . . .