Sebastian York and Andi Arndt Return for The Wild One

Look who’s narrating THE WILD ONE!!! I can’t think of anyone better to voice a hero who is tasked with knocking up the heroine! Sebastian York and Andi Arndt are on board to narrate THE WILD ONE! Releasing July 10 in ebook, paperback and audio!!!

The Kindle edition of THE WILD ONE will be available for preorder just before release. To be notified via email, be sure to sign up for my newsletter by clicking here!

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  1. I would love to be informed of the release of The Wild One on audio.
    Love to listen to Sebastian York and Andi Arndt narrate books, a great combination
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  2. Hi Ms. Blakely
    I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing talent and heart you put into your writing! I found your books this past year and it has been at a time where I really needed them.
    Although you and I don’t know one another – the characters you have created and the bonds of friendship they all share with one another have gotten me through some very difficult times.
    The amazing lives they live in NYC have really brought me to a place beyond the walls where I am stuck. It was if they became my group of friends and a support system to me in some ways. As a writer I am sure you know how characters can sometimes do that for people.
    I was in a bad car accident almost 6 years ago and since then I have really been struggling with some major injuries. I have learned who my true friends were, turns out not one of them have stuck around. I am finding that most people cannot deal with heavy stuff and that only gives me hope for the future! Now I truly treasure the great people I meet and who can add to my life and never take things for granted!
    I just feel so lucky to have found your writing and I am so excited to keep reading all of your books! I know my prince won’t likely be ringing my doorbell to ask me on a date, but you have given me some great guys to spend time with and stories to enjoy. So, thank you so very, very much for giving me support that was so needed. You really have NO idea what it has meant to me.
    Thank you!

  3. Awesome! A great team!!


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