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Newest Releases
Shut Up and Kiss Me
A Wild Card Kiss
The Best Men
The Virgin Scorecard
Come Again
The Virgin Replay

Happy Endings
A Wild Card Kiss
Shut Up and Kiss Me

Men of Summer
Winning With Him
Scoring With HIm
All In With Him

The Rules of Love
The Virgin Rule Book
The Virgin Game Plan
The Virgin Replay
The Virgin Scorecard

The Guys Who Got Away
Birthday Suit
Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend
The What If Guy
Thanks For Last Night
The Dream Guy Next Door
Lucky Suit
A Guy Walks Into My Bar

Boyfriend Material
Special Delivery
Asking For A Friend
Sex and Other Shiny Objects
One Night Stand-In
Your French Kisses

The Gift Series
The Gift
The Virgin Gift
The Decadent Gift

The Extravagant Series
One Night Only
One Exquisite Touch

Always Satisfied Series
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Never Have I Ever
Instant Gratification
PS It’s Always Been You
Overnight Service

Lucky in Love Series
Best Laid Plans
The Feel Good Factor
Nobody Does It Better

The Heartbreakers Series
Once Upon A Real Good Time
Once Upon A Sure Thing
Once Upon A Wild Fling

From Paris with Love
Part-Time Lover

Big Rock Series
Big Rock
Mister O
Well Hung
Full Package
Joy Ride
Hard Wood
Come Again
Blown Away

One Love Series
The Sexy One
The Hot One
The Knocked Up Plan
Come As You Are

21 Stolen Kisses
The V Card
The Break-Up Album
UnBreak My Heart
A Guy Walks Into My Bar
The Best Men

Standalone Sports Romances
Most Valuable Playboy
Most Likely To Score
Out of Bounds

The Caught Up in Love Series
The Pretending Plot
The Dating Proposal
The Second Chance Plan
The Private Rehearsal

The No Regrets Series
The Thrill of It
The Start of Us
Every Second With You

The Seductive Nights Series
First Night (Julia and Clay, prequel novella)
Night After Night (Julia and Clay, book 1)
After This Night (Julia and Clay, book 2)
One More Night (Julia and Clay, book 3)
A Wildly Seductive Night (Julia and Clay novella, book 3.5)

The Joy Delivered Duet
Nights With Him (A standalone novel about Michelle and Jack)
Forbidden Nights (A standalone novel about Nate and Casey)

The Sinful Nights Series
My Sinful Nights (Sinful Men Book 1)
My Sinful Desire (Sinful Men Book 2)
My Sinful Longing (Sinful Men Book 3)
My Sinful Love (Sinful Men Book 4)
My Sinful Temptation (Sinful Men Book 5)

The Fighting Fire Series
Burn For Me (Smith and Jamie)
Melt for Him (Megan and Becker)
Consumed By You (Travis and Cara)

The Jewel Series
The Sapphire Affair
The Sapphire Heist

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