He’s sexy, sophisticated, possessive…and my boss.
I’m trying to resist him, I swear. I’m good at resisting, and at
playing pretend too. It’s what I do for a living. But as he directs me
in my first Broadway play, I’m having a harder time pretending that I
don’t want him to take me. On the piano. In the limo. In the dressing
room. Anywhere and everywhere.
She captivates me. She’s all innocent blond on the outside, but deep
down she’s wildly sensual. I’m fighting hard to deny this desire for
her. But it’s a losing battle. She’s beautiful, talented, and
passionate, and the more closely I work with her on her performance,
the deeper I fall for her.
I swear I’m not playing with her heart, and I hope to hell she’s not
toying with mine. Because I will do whatever it takes for her…

When you’re acting the role of a lifetime, how can you know if love is
real–or all just a part of the show?