(How To Date Your Enemy Book 1)

One trip across Europe. Two arch enemies. And seven nights with only one bed in the room in a spicy new standalone romance from Lauren Blakely!

The last person I want to be stuck with anywhere for one night, let alone seven, is the too-sexy-for-my-own-good Axel Huxley. I tried to work with the cocky grump once upon a time, but we’re like vodka and good decisions. We don’t play well together.

Only now, our publishers are sending us on a joint book tour across Europe on an old-fashioned luxury train. And thanks to a booking snafu, I have to share a sleeper car with the man who’s made a sport of infuriating me.

You guessed it–there’s only one bed.

I’m not sure I can survive the next seven days and nights with my dangerously sexy enemy and all our fiery tension.

Which explodes one night in a desperately needed hate bang.

But the bigger plot twist is this – the more time we spend together, visiting the most romantic cities in Europe by day and discovering each other at night, the more I’m forced to face our past.

To let go of the hurt.

To see the man he’s become.

And when I do, I wonder if it’s too late to write a new happy ending for us?


(How To Date Your Best Friend Book 2)

Am I fake dating my best friend? Hear me out…

What I envisioned: Throwing myself a breakup party, a glittery fete at which I’d lift a glass and celebrate being free and single again.

What I did: Drink too much champagne and blurt out to my best guy friend that I’d really like to get back on the horse.

But what I truly don’t expect is Carter’s answer – he volunteers as tribute.

With his sinful brown eyes and too-good-to-be-true body it’d be no hardship for me to say yes, though I certainly don’t want him to feel obligated to, um, service me, just because my failed, loveless marriage was a s-e-x desert.

Since the charming and confident pro football star owes five public dates to his dating app sponsor, we make a deal to help each other out.

Pretty soon, our public how to date lessons turn into, ahem, very private ones. And I’m a star student, graduating quickly from flirty banter and lingering looks to toe-curling, sheet-grabbing, mind-blowing hours of physical education.

The problem? Turns out learning to date again feels a lot like the real thing. Can our friendship withstand all these late-night bedroom sessions?

Especially since I’m suddenly longing for my best friend and there’s nothing fake about my feelings…


(How To Date Your Fake Fiancé Book 3)

The Almost Romantic is a spicy, hilarious, emotional fake fiancé, single dad standalone!


(How To Date The One That Got Away Book 4)

The Accidental Dating Experiment is a spicy, hilarious, emotional second chance standalone with the one who got away!