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How To Date Series

A new group of friends falls into love, sex and shenanigans as they figure out how to date!

My So-Called Sex Life

Hero and Heroine: Hazel Valentine and Axel Huxley

(Hazel is Veronica’s sister and Axel is Milo’s buddy, Drew’s buddy and Gabe’s buddy. Axel’s half brother is Carter)

Plays Well With Others

Hero and Heroine: Carter Hendrix and Rachel Dumont

(Carter is Axel’s half brother, Drew’s friend, and he is friends with the guys from The Boyfriend Comeback. Rachel is Hazel’s good friend from MY SO-CALLED SEX LIFE. She is NOT the Rachel who is Beck’s friend/ex-girlfriend in The Boyfriend Comeback. This Rachel is new.)

The Almost Romantic

Hero and Heroine: Gage Archer and Elodie Starling

(Gage is friends with Carter from Plays Well With Others, and also is friends with the characters in Thoroughly Pucked and Puck Yes. He is also Zane’s brother from the MM romance Turn Me On. Elodie is Rachel’s best from Plays Well With Others)

How to Date #4: Monroe and Juliet

(Monroe is friends with Carter from Plays Well With Others. Juliet is Rachel’s sister from Plays Well With Others)

How to Date #5: Sawyer and Heroine info to come

(Sawyer is the older brother of Juliet and Rachel)

How to Date #6: Wilder and Fable

(Wilder owns the football team. He appears throughout the books. Fable works with Rachel in Plays Well With Others and becomes part of the friend group)


My Hockey Romance

Double Pucked

An MFM romance

Heroes and Heroines: Trina, Ryker and Chase.

These characters are all new and appear for the first time in this title!

Puck Yes

An MFM romance – Ivy, Stefan and Hayes.

(Ivy is Ryker’s sister and Trina’s friend. Stefan and Hayes are teammates and they appear in this book for the first time)

Thoroughly Pucked

An MFM romance

Heroes and Heroines: Aubrey, Dev and Ledger

(Aubrey is Trina’s friend and Ivy’s friend. Dev is the goalie on one of the hockey teams. He’s been in the prior books as a friend. Ledger is a forward on one of the teams. He’s appeared in the prior two titles as a friend)


Well and Truly Pucked

A why choose romance

Heroes and Heroines: Briar + Hollis, Rhys, and Gavin

(Briar is the yoga instructor who is friends with Ivy and Aubrey. Hollis is Ledger’s cousin and a friend of Dev’s. He plays on the Golden State Foxes. Rhys and Gavin are new and play on the Foxes)


The Virgin Society Series

A daring, edgy, sexy forbidden romance series, The Virgin Society chronicles bold, complicated young women in New York City falling for older, off-limits men.


Hero and Heroine: Harlow Dumont and Bridger James

(Harlow is Hunter’s half-sister. Hunter is in Limited Edition Husband. Harlow is best friends with Ethan and Layla)

The Tryst

Hero and Heroine: Layla Mayweather and Nick Adams

(Layla is friends with Harlow)

The Tease

Hero and Heroine: Finn Adams and Jules Marley.

(Finn is the brother of Nick Adams in The Tryst. Jules is the friend of Layla in The Tryst).


A romantic comedy adventure standalone
Hero and Heroine: Jake Hawkins & Ruby Ashley
They do not appear in any other titles of mine

The Dating Games Series

A fun, sexy romantic comedy series about friends in the city and their dating mishaps!

The Virgin Next Door

Hero and Heroine: Milo Dawson and Veronica Valentine

Two A Day

Hero and Heroine: Drew Adams and Brooke Holland

(Drew is Milo’s buddy)

The Good Guy Challenge

Hero and Heroine: Ellie Snow and Gabe Clements

(Ellie is Veronica’s bestie and Gabe is Drew’s friend)


Happy Endings Series

Romance starts with a bang in this series of standalones following a group of friends seeking and avoiding love!

Come Again

Hero and Heroine: Easton Ford and Bellamy Hart

(Easton is Spencer’s cousin from Big Rock)

Shut Up and Kiss Me

Hero and Heroine: Nolan McKay and Emerson Alva

(Nolan is Easton’s buddy and he is brothers with Jason McKay. Emerson is besties with Katie from A Wild Card Kiss)


Hero and Heroine: Jo Brenna and Heath Graham

(Jo is friends with Emerson, Easton, Nolan and TJ. Heath is brothers with Jude from Hopelessly Bromantic)

My Single-Versary

Hero and Heroine: Skylar and Caleb

(Skylar is friends with Katie from A Wild Card Kiss)


Winner Takes All Series (MM)

Winner Takes All is a series of emotional, irresistibly sexy MM standalone sports romances.

The Boyfriend Comeback

Hero and Hero: Jason McKay and Beck Cafferty

(Jason is brothers with Nolan. He is also Grant’s mentee from All In With Him. Jason is friends with TJ)

Turn Me On

Hero and Hero: Maddox LeGrande and Zane Archer

(Maddox is the agent for many of my sports stars including Drew and Carter. Zane is on the same baseball team as Declan, Holden and Gunnar)

A Very Filthy Game

Hero and Hero: Gunnar Ford and Rafe Rodman

(Gunnar is on the Dragons with Zane and Declan)

Limited Edition Husband

Hero and Hero: Nate Chandler and Hunter Colburn

(Nate is Jason’s teammate. Hunter is Harlow’s (from The RSVP) half-brother. Nate is friends with everyone.)


Hero and Hero: Tanner Sloan and Luke Remington

(Tanner is a baseball player, who’s friends with the other guys in the prior books. Luke is a football player who is friends with the other guys in the prior books)


Hopelessly Bromantic Duet (MM)

Roomies to lovers to enemies to fake boyfriends

Heroes are TJ Hardman and Jude Fox

TJ is friends with many characters, and he is the identical twin to Chance in The Virgin Replay. Jude is Heath’s brother)

Hopelessly Bromantic

Here Comes My Man


Ballers And Babes

Sexy sports romance standalones guaranteed to make you hot!

Most Valuable Playboy

Hero and Heroine: Cooper and Violet

(best friends, Cooper is besties too with Violet’s brother)

Most Likely to Score

Hero and Heroine: Jones and Jillian

(Jones is Cooper’s friend and teammate. Jillian works for the team)

A Wild Card Kiss

Hero and Heroine: Harlan and Katie

(Harlan is teammates with Jones and Cooper. Katie is friends with Jillian)



I’ve written more than 100 books! All of these titles below are FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Big Rock Series

My #1 New York Times Bestselling sexy, male-POV romantic comedy!

Big Rock

Mister O

Well Hung

Full Package

Joy Ride

Hard Wood

Rules of Love Series

Athlete, virgins and weddings!

The Virgin Rule Book

The Virgin Game Plan

The Virgin Replay

The Virgin Scorecard


The Extravagant Series

Bodyguards, billionaires and hoteliers in this sexy, high-stakes series of standalones!

One Night Only

One Exquisite Touch

My One-Week Husband


The Guys Who Got Away Series

Friends in New York City and California fall in love in this fun and hot rom-com series!

Birthday Suit

Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend

The What If Guy

Thanks for Last Night

The Dream Guy Next Door

Lucky Suit

Sinful Men

A high-stakes, high-octane, sexy-as-sin romantic suspense series!

My Sinful Nights

My Sinful Desire

My Sinful Longing

My Sinful Love

My Sinful Temptation


Men of Summer Series (MM)

Two baseball players on the same team fall in love in a forbidden romance spanning five epic years.

Scoring With Him

Winning With Him

All In With Him


MM Standalone Novels

A Guy Walks Into My Bar

The Bromance Zone

One Time Only

The Best Men (Co-written with Sarina Bowen)


Boyfriend Material

Three best friends. Three outrageous proposals. Three chances at love in this sexy rom-com series!

Asking For a Friend

Sex and Other Shiny Objects

One Night Stand-In

Overnight Service


From Paris With Love

Swoony, sweeping romances set in Paris!


Part-Time Lover


You might also enjoy the following romances! Available on all retailers!

The Gift Series

An after dark series of standalones! Explore your fantasies!

The Engagement Gift

The Virgin Gift

The Decadent Gift


The Heartbreakers Series

Three brothers. Three rockers. Three standalone sexy romantic comedies.

Once Upon a Real Good Time 

Once Upon a Sure Thing 

Once Upon a Wild Fling


Always Satisfied Series

A group of friends in New York City find love and laughter in this series of sexy standalones!

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Never Have I Ever

Instant Gratification  

PS It’s Always Been You

The Boyfriend Material Novellas


Good Love Series of sexy rom-coms co-written with Lili Valente!

The V Card

Good With His Hands

Good To Be Bad


The Caught Up in Love Series

A group of friends finds love!

The Pretending Plot 

The Dating Proposal

The Second Chance Plan 

The Private Rehearsal


Seductive Nights Series

A high heat series full of danger and spice!

Night After Night

After This Night

One More Night

A Wildly Seductive Night


One Love Series 

A group of friends in New York falls in love one by one in this sexy rom-com series!

The Sexy One

The Hot One

The Knocked Up Plan

Come As You Are


Lucky In Love Series

A small town romance full of heat and blue collar heroes and sexy heroines!

Best Laid Plans 

The Feel Good Factor 


Nobody Does It Better


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