For Audiobook Narrators

I love audiobooks and take great pride in producing audiobooks of the highest quality. My audiobooks have topped the Audible bestseller lists, have been nominated for two Audies and multiple SOVAS, and have won both an Earphones Award and a SOVAS Award. They have also been recognized on Audible’s year-end best-of lists many times.

I’d love to tell you more about the books I produce and how I like to cast my self-produced audios.

I’m interested in working with both established talent and in breaking out new talent, and I welcome you to submit a sample. Please read my guidelines below before emailing!

Let’s talk about sex!

My romances include open-door, consensual sex scenes. My stories are wide-ranging and diverse, as are my characters, and I’m looking for narrators who agree with me that love is love and all stories are worth telling.

Because I like to work with narrators in long-term business relationships, my wish is to cast performers for leading roles who are interested in giving voice to all these stories for my romance readers/listeners.

When you submit a sample for leading role consideration, please be sure to fill out the form at the bottom of this page that accompanies the samples.

Let’s be friends or family!

If you do not narrate sex scenes, that’s cool! I often have supporting roles to cast, and I will hire actors and actresses to play moms, dads, brothers, sisters, or friends who will not be involved in a romantic arc of their own! Let me know if you prefer to be considered for supporting/non-romantic roles as I would love to hear your voice for those parts too.

Let’s talk about details!

When it comes to race, diversity in my stories is important to me, and so is inclusivity in casting.

I also endeavor in my self-produced audiobooks to use the same actor for the character any time a character appears in a full-cast audio. For instance, Emma Wilder originated the role of Haven in OVERNIGHT SERVICE. When Haven makes an appearance in A GUY WALKS INTO MY BAR, Emma will play Haven. The same applies for characters like Jason Reynolds in INSTANT GRATIFICATION, originated by Shane East. Shane has since played Jason in other multi-cast audios I self-produced such as SATISFACTION GUARANTEED and OVERNIGHT SERVICE. Joe Arden originated the role of Noah in BIRTHDAY SUIT, and has played him when Noah appears again in DEAR SEXY EX-BOYFRIEND, a duet audio with special appearances. Finally, Shane East originated the role of Dean in BIRTHDAY SUIT and when Dean has his own romance in A GUY WALKS INTO MY BAR, Shane East will play him.

I look forward to hearing from you and listening to your voice! If you’d like to submit an audio sample, please send it to with the subject “Audio Sample” and include your Full Name, your Pseudonym if you use one, links to your website and/or catalog on Audible. PLEASE INDICATE IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING FOR LEADING ROLE OR SUPPORTING ROLE CONSIDERATION.

Leading role submissions: If you are submitting for leading roles, choose from the male or female samples below and please read all! You must also submit the form below. If there is no form with your sample, I can’t listen!
Supporting role submissions: If you are submitting for supporting roles, please submit a sample of your own choosing that shows you interacting with both a man and a woman in a lighter storyline.

Male narrator audition script  |  Female narrator audition script

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