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Double Pucked Bonus Scene 


I was right. 

Skates are seriously hard to walk in. Let alone skate in. It’s a miracle anyone can glide  around with knives on their feet. 

But I am nothing if not a determined girl. 

I’m at a rink in the city lacing up my skates for another lesson with Ivy, since Ryker’s  sister knows how to skate. “I’m ready for my triple jump,” I say as I tie a loop.  She arches a brow. “You mean triple jump fall flat on your face?” 

“How did you know that’s the official name of the move when I do it?” 

“Do not do any jumps, Trina,” she says as she easily glides from the bench and onto the  ice, skating backward like a badass figure skater.  

“You are such a show-off,” I tease. 

“Yes and you will be a show-off for your date. Now, show me what you’ve been working  on.” 

I’ve mostly been working on not falling, so here goes. I stand and step on to the surface  that admittedly terrified me when I saw my first hockey game.  

But Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have a surprise for my guys. I’m going to take  them skating. I bought a super cute red hat that matches my glasses, so I might as well show it  off as I skate. 

I move around the rink in a loop and somehow miraculously manage not to land on my ass.  Well, I don’t fall more than three times. That’s been my goal. Falling less than the number of  people in my relationship. 

“I think you’re ready,” Ivy declares. “And they will be very surprised.” 

* * *

On Valentine’s Day evening, I feed Nacho, then toss him a new pillow on the couch. I  tried to get him to use a dog couch, but my doggo just likes furniture and I can’t blame him.  Couches rule. 

But nobody is allowed to touch his pillow. That’s his rule. 

When the guys come down the hall, looking all casual sexy in jeans and a Henley for  Chase, and jeans and a T-shirt for Ryker, I’m tempted to scrap my plans and strip them to  nothing. 

But that’s my daily temptation and I have to live with it. “All right, hotties. Get your  skates. I’m taking you ice skating.” 

Chase’s jaw drops.  

Ryker points at me with narrowed eyes. “You learned to ice skate?” 

“You? Trina?” Chase asks.  

“Hey, don’t sound so surprised. Ivy taught me.” 

Ryker seems like he’s trying to fight off a smile.”That’s great. She’s a very good skater.” “Spoiler alert: I am not.”  

But I am determined to hold my own. 

* * * 

Once I’m ready to hit the ice at the rink, I stand and I don’t even wobble. Score one for the  book nerd.  

I push off and skate along the edge, slowly turning around, to give them a simple wave. They return smiles my way, then catch up to me in a flash. 

We’re surrounded by other couples and pop music and flashing lights. Then, as a trio, we  skate slowly around the oval on the most romantic night of the year. Some of the other couples  recognize the guys and take pictures. That’s something we’ve become accustomed to over the  last year.  

For the next half hour we have a blast, and I only fall twice, but I don’t mind. I’m having  too good a time to care. Soon though, my ankles are tired and my heart is beating fast.  “I’m ready for some hot chocolate,” I say.  

“Sounds like a plan,” Chase says.

But before I leave the rink, I sense they aren’t quite by my side anymore. I stop at the door  to step off the ice and when I turn around, I blink.  

My two guys are both down on their knees.  

I gasp. “Are you…” 

But I don’t even finish the question. 

Because Chase goes first. “I’m really glad you learned to skate because this seems like a  perfect opportunity to ask you a question.” 

“There’s something we both had on our minds,” Ryker seconds. 

I’m trembling. Shaking with excitement. I bring my mittened hand to my mouth. I want to  shout yes yes yes yes yes. But I wait for them.  

“Trina, I love you madly,” Chase says, solemnly, meeting my gaze. “You are the absolute  love of my life and every day and every night with you is better than the one before.” “When I met you, I never imagined I’d ask my sister to teach you to skate so we could ask  you this question tonight,” Ryker says, tone intense and vulnerable at the same time. “But then I  never imagined I’d love someone so completely.”  

Ryker reaches into his pocket and takes out a black velvet box. Together they open it. The  stone is shinier than the ice. More dazzling than a light show at a hockey game. More brilliant  than a marquee.  

But I don’t love the diamond because it’s the most stunning ring I’ve ever seen. I love it  because they’re giving it to me together. 

In unison they say, “Will you marry us?” 


That little word makes me feel so happy. One little word is the symbol of this big love. “Yes, I will. Because I’m going to love you two for the rest of my life,” I say as I drop to  my knees—third time’s a charm—and kiss them on the ice.  

* * * 

Several months later, we’re married in a very non-traditional ceremony at a vineyard in  Northern California. Our dog, Nacho, carries the rings as these two guys say I do to this one girl.

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