Once upon a time a sexy, charming, hot British guy walked into my bar.

He was flirty and delicious, and we hit it off right away. So well in fact, that I’d have given him my number.

Except, fate decided to play a trick on me.

Since the guy turned out to be my brother’s best friend, he was off limits.

So we made a pact to be just friends. And we became great friends.

It worked for a while.

Until the night we were snowed in…

*This prequel story of Jason and Truly was previously included in the original Instant Attraction edition that followed the tales of three different couples. That book is no longer available. However, the story of how Jason and Truly first met has been edited into Delayed Gratification, a story that NOW focuses entirely on that couple. I hope you enjoy this tantalizing introduction to their romance.*

Audible ➜ The audiobook for Delayed Satisfaction can be found here: https://blkly.pub/DatingAudible