Formatting Woes and Wins

I spent much of Sunday and some of Monday battling with eBook formatting. Man, that stuff is HARD. I use Scrivener and even though there are compile presets in it, I ran into little glitches every time. Extra pages. Missing titles. No table of contents. Two chapter ones. An empty chapter one. And on and on and on. I probably compiled more than 100 times and tested tons of permutations. But! I was ...[Read More]

Add CAUGHT UP IN US on GoodReads!

I’m so excited! I’m officially “approved” for the Goodreads author program so that means readers can start adding CAUGHT UP IN US to their to-read list in anticipation of its release in JUST ONE MONTH! (Wow. I can’t believe my book is coming out in one month!) I’d love it if you added it on your Goodreads to-read list! Plus, you can read a description of the boo ...[Read More]

The Next Big Thing

The lovely Megan Cashman tagged me for The Next Big Thing where you chat about what you’re working on. Thanks, Megan! Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m up to! What is the working title of your book? CAUGHT UP IN US Where did the idea come from for the book? Many places! But especially from the movies. This book was inspired by all the movies and rom-coms I’ve ever seen and th ...[Read More]

He Said, She Said

I’m editing CAUGHT UP IN US and one of the things I’m paying close attention to is the use of dialogue tags. A lot of books overuse dialogue tags or rely too much on cutesy ones like “he intones” or “she counters” or “he muses.” Here’s what I’ve learned from editing my own work and being edited in various capacities over the years. He sai ...[Read More]

Title Change

This week I changed the title to my novel. I know, I know. Huge news. Plus, wait til you see how radical the change is. Ready??? I changed title from Caught Up In You to…CAUGHT UP IN US. Yes, yes. It’s a massive change, so I hope everyone will be okay with it. Why the change, you may be asking? Well, there was already a novel on Amazon title Caught Up In You. So, voila switcheroo! ...[Read More]

Writing Into a Corner

Earlier today I talked to a friend of mine who has founded several businesses. I wanted to run some of the scenarios in my novel past him to make sure they were plausible from a business perspective. Of course, the story isn’t about business. But it IS about the relationship between two people who do business together, so I want to make sure the business details hold water. He gave me a sugg ...[Read More]