Jeff Brooks

Never-ending Kisses…

CAUGHT UP IN US teaser Tuesday! Here’s another teaser from my novel…Any girl who says she doesn’t keep a list of best kisses ever is lying. She may not have a pen-and-paper list, but she knows in her head who rocked her world and made her more than weak in the knees. Bryan was my butterflies-in-the-belly, my soft-and-hungry-and-neverending kisses. He was all the kisses I’d ever wa ...[Read More]

One More Week!

Holy wow. My book is coming out in — you know — a week! (Okay, give or take, depending on vagaries of how quickly or not the online retailers publish.) And review copies are circulating to bloggers. Eek! No, I’m totally not nervous or freaking out or anything like that at all. xoxo Lauren


Hi! So there’s a key series of scenes in CAUGHT UP IN US that take place in Paris, including at a restaurant. When I saw this photo, I thought, “Perfect! That’s the restaurant in CAUGHT UP IN US!” Here’s a snippet from that pivotal scene: I nodded, as waiters circled the small restaurant, clearing tables, and serving other diners. Low music played overhead, tunes like ...[Read More]


Hi! So I hear you liked the first chapter of CAUGHT UP IN US! Yay! Want more? I packaged together a few chapters from the book into a teaser preview called CAUGHT UP IN HIM that I’m offering for free via Smashwords! On the Smashwords site, you can find links to download mobi, epub, text and other versions. So if you want to know the backstory of how the characters met, that’s what you& ...[Read More]


At last! Here’s the cover of CAUGHT UP IN US! I hope you love it as much as I do! The amazingly talented designer Josyan McGregor made my cover! Now, don’t you just want to add this to Goodreads and snag a copy the second it releases later this month? Of course you do!

Chapter One of CAUGHT UP IN US!

Hi! The fabulous gals at The Sub Club ran the first chapter of CAUGHT UP IN US yesterday, so now I’m posting it here as well! Enjoy! The book releases later this month! Chapter One He was my first favorite mistake. I hadn’t seen him in five years, and now as he walked to the front of the small classroom, every muscle in my body tensed, and my brain went into hyperdrive as I told myself not t ...[Read More]