Hi! So I hear you liked the first chapter of CAUGHT UP IN US! Yay! Want more? I packaged together a few chapters from the book into a teaser preview called CAUGHT UP IN HIM that I’m offering for free via Smashwords! On the Smashwords site, you can find links to download mobi, epub, text and other versions. So if you want to know the backstory of how the characters met, that’s what you& ...[Read More]


At last! Here’s the cover of CAUGHT UP IN US! I hope you love it as much as I do! The amazingly talented designer Josyan McGregor made my cover! Now, don’t you just want to add this to Goodreads and snag a copy the second it releases later this month? Of course you do!

Chapter One of CAUGHT UP IN US!

Hi! The fabulous gals at The Sub Club ran the first chapter of CAUGHT UP IN US yesterday, so now I’m posting it here as well! Enjoy! The book releases later this month! Chapter One He was my first favorite mistake. I hadn’t seen him in five years, and now as he walked to the front of the small classroom, every muscle in my body tensed, and my brain went into hyperdrive as I told myself not t ...[Read More]

First Chapter! And Cover is Coming January 9!

FINALLY! I am going to share the cover of CAUGHT UP IN US on Wednesday January 9! I thought it was going to happen sooner, but I’m thrilled to share it in two days because I’ve got an amazing list of bloggers on board! First though, I need to give a major shoutout to Taryn at My Secret Romance. She’s my fairy godmother, I’ve decided! I reached out to a few blogger ...[Read More]

Cover Soon!

Okay, so the cover reveal for CAUGHT UP IN US will be week of January 7! (Didn’t happy today, sorry!) I’m dying to share it. I love it sooooooo much! Soon, soon, soon. Did I mention I’m also going to pre-release the first 4-5 chapters for free on Amazon, B&N, etc? Next week too! For now, here’s another teaser to whet your appetites! And, don’t forget, you can mark ...[Read More]


Happy New Year! Since I’m releasing CAUGHT UP IN US on January 20, I thought I’d share some teasers over the next few weeks! This brief excerpt is from Chapter Two when we learn how and why Kat Harper – our fearless heroine – started her work as a jewelry designer… ***** Ever since a boutique owner in my tourist destination of a hometown in Mystic had stopped me at ag ...[Read More]