Jeff Brooks

Love is Blindness

I’ve been listening to two versions of the song Love is Blindness while revising my new adult novel. There’s the U2 original version and then the Jack White cover, which you may know best for being used in the trailer for Gatsby. In any case, this song is amazing! Check out both versions, whether on iTunes, Spotify, or elsewhere. It’s such a great love song about yearning, desire ...[Read More]

A Kiss in the Rain…

This morning I walked my dogs in the rain. Pulled on my heavy rain boots, my rain coat, and a hat. Grabbed an umbrella. Then, somehow, herded two dogs for nearly an hour down the rain-soaked path edging the river (snort, snort – more like a stream, or a canal, but let’s pretend it’s a river, because rivers are sexy!) near my home. All that rain got me to thinking about rain in st ...[Read More]

Steamy or Racy?

I was thinking about the word steamy this morning. It’s often used to describe the “new adult” genre. Or at least the sex scenes in them! And, of course, I used the word in my post yesterday. And steamy works as a word and as a goal for sex scenes. But I’m not sure I’m wild about it to describe the genre. I like “racy romance” so much better. I think ...[Read More]

It was a dark and stormy night…

Or it was a hot and steamy night! Whatever the weather, I’ll have a new adult romance novel ready for readers in January 2013. So excited about this genre that is taking off like crazy! Can’t wait to connect with readers. More soon… xoxo Lauren